Jan Florence Garven

"When the artist is truly the servant of the work, the work is better than the artist" (Madeline L'Engle, Walking  on Water, pg. 24)

"As I grasped for life, I focused on two things in my art: the preservation of life and the fertile sources to create life. I was comforted by my use of metal, netting and screens, for they were perfect materials to represent safety: gates, nests, veils, other protective covers. Within these boundaries, I freely worked out my grief by rendering womb images by using bags, netting, wrapped fabric, as well as seeds and berries (see "What's Inside of Her?", "Draw Mine Iron Heart" and "The Coming Light"). Although interruptions can be immobilizing, finding a catalyst to help process pain can be life giving. Serving my art enabled me to look beyond my own problems and create something beautiful. 

...Now I can see that my art was not interrupted at all; and in fact, it was these interruptions that urged me to press in and allow my artwork to bring me closer to life."

-Excerpt from Jan Florence Garven's Capelli Essay

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