Jana Peterson

"After my second child turned one, I found I had breast cancer. I had little time to paint. This was 6 months after my husband's sarcoma diagnoses. He had 14 months to live and we had cancer and 2 babies. We went through chemo together and both lost our hair. 

Through his death, my double breast loss, and a lot of grief, my children needed the strongest Mom in the world. Through my radiation, I continuously prayed for health. My painting became stronger, better, gutsier, and I had to sell. I became unbelievably prolific. 

I went back to dance. Now, I still have my 2 wonderful children, my paintings are in a museum show, and I still dance...flamenco. I have to make it. I'm all they've got. And thank God I'm still here. And thank God for my art."

-Excerpt from Jana Peterson's Capelli Essay

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